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What are the advantages of low temperature air source heat pump

Low temperature air source heat pump manufacturers also have great advantages in energy saving and emission reduction. Here, the characteristics of traditional drying technology and air source heat pump drying technology are simply compared.

First, the characteristics of traditional drying technology.

1. The drying temperature is difficult to control, resulting in uneven quality of dryness.

2. The drying time is too long. Under the traditional dry condition, it takes a long time to produce and process 1 ton of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes due to dryness, the actual effect is poor, and the repair time is long.

3. High energy consumption. The thermal efficiency of traditional microwave drying is low, about 30% to 60%. Among them, the thermal efficiency of drying methods commonly used in drying agricultural products is about 40%.

Professional care is required, as there are hidden dangers such as flammability and explosion.

The second is the characteristics of air to water heat pump drying technology.

1. The drying temperature can be adjusted according to the raw materials to meet various drying treatment regulations.

Second, the drying time is short. Compared with the traditional drying method, the processing time required for the drying and de-drying of raw materials by the air energy heat pump is reduced by more than half.

3. Good quality of dryness. Air source heat pump drying technology is a gentle and natural drying method. Dry products have good gloss and stable quality, especially suitable for drying of heat-sensitive raw materials such as most agricultural products and Chinese herbal medicines.

4. The safety performance is relatively high. All systems operate without the flammability, explosion, poisoning symptoms, short-circuit failures that are likely to exist in conventional dryers (fuel, gas or electric heating). This is a sure-fire semi-closed dry system.

To achieve intelligent control, without professional care.

5. Low energy consumption.

As a kind of energy-saving product, the drying technology based on the principle of low temperature air source heat pump has also received the full support of the national policy.

Not only, in the field of industrial and agricultural production, air source heat pump drying equipment can enjoy the benefits of the current policy of coal power. All parts of the country have successively promoted the dryness of coal-based air source heat pumps.

At the same time, in the field of agriculture, my country has included heat pump dryers into the scope of agricultural machinery subsidies. Among them, the “2018-2020 Scope of my country’s Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Machinery Types” announced by the Ministry of Agriculture clearly stated that food crop dryers, fruit and vegetable dryers, rapeseed dryers, hot blast stoves, and common heating systems and heating furnaces for greenhouse equipment can be Enjoying relevant subsidies provides opportunities for the use of air source heat pumps in dry farming and animal husbandry industries.

In addition to the central policy support, local governments also apply the development trend of air source heat pump drying technology according to the times. For example, in Jiangsu Province, a major province of food crops, a huge subsidy of up to 10,000 yuan per unit has been provided for the transformation of air source heat pump dry coal, and all cities in the jurisdiction have achieved full coverage of air source heat pump grain dryers.

When the air source heat pump drying equipment works, the air source heat pump evaporator digests and absorbs the outside of the drying industry with significant advantages and policy support.

At this stage, the air source heat pump drying technology has been widely used in the drying stage of food crops, Chinese medicinal materials, dried fruit pulp, wood, aquatic products, tobacco, tea and industrial production. The industry has become another sales market breakthrough point for air source heat pumps.

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