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The export market for heat pumps in China will soar in 2022

Europe is increasing its acquisition of various heating appliances.

Since 2022, the effect of the war between Russia and Ukraine has continued to brew, which has led to an intensification of the European energy crisis. This has caused a great deal of difficulties for the businesses and the way of life of the people in many European nations. Many nations in Europe are initiating national energy conservation initiatives at the same time as they are speeding up the process of transforming the structure of the energy system. The European market has seen a significant increase in the quantity of heating equipment such as electric heaters, electric blankets, and heat pumps in recent years as a direct reaction to widespread energy shortages.

China is now the primary provider of air source heat pumps in Europe, accounting for sixty percent of the industry. The market in a number of European nations has undergone spectacular expansion in recent years. Air to water heat pumps manufactured in China were sent to Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, and Spain during the first half of the year. There was as much as a 614%, 373%, 198%, and 71% rise in the quantity accordingly.

The air source heat pump industry has tremendous potential for international trade.

The export of heat pumps that get their heat from air has seen significant growth and has a lot of untapped potential. Because it is used for heating water heaters and floor heating, the air source heat pump is very efficient and saves a significant amount of energy. The primary mechanism that it employs to fix heat energy is the compression of air.

The so-called R32 air source heat pump makes use of air as a source of heat, transfers heat from the outside air to the inside air during the winter months, and transfers heat from the indoor air to the outdoor air during the summer months. During the 1980s, China made significant advancements in both the development and manufacture of heat pumps that draw their heat from the surrounding air. The majority of the current offerings consist of heat pump cold and hot water systems, air conditioners that use air source heat pumps for commercial and residential use, and heat pump air conditioners for residential use.

By the year 2021, China will have shipped over 2 million EVI air source heat pumps to European markets. The air source heat pump business in China is hopeful that its future export volume will be more than 10 million units, and this optimism is shared by the industry. Many nations in Europe and North America, including the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom, as well as a number of other nations in both regions, have enacted robust subsidy programs in order to encourage the use of air source heat pumps. The European Union offers a subsidy for the installation of air source heat pumps that may reach a maximum of 5,000 euros and is carried out in stages.

One of the few sub-industries within the larger heating and cooling industry that have maintained growth during the first half of this year is the air source heat pump sector. According to the information that was provided by Industry Online to the first financial reporter, the sales of China’s air to water heat pump industry were 7.193 billion yuan in the first half of 2022, representing a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%. Of this total, domestic sales were 3.743 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 6.82%, while exports were 3.45 billion yuan Yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 68

Italy, Poland, Australia, and Spain all raised their exports by more than fifty percent year-on-year, placing them among the top exporting nations in the first half of 2022. An online research of the industry predicts that, as a result of the existing high demand for air source heat pump products throughout the world, exports of OEM air source heat pumps are anticipated to continue expanding at a pace of at least fifty percent in the year 2022. The expansion of the swimming pool heat pump market is one of the items in the export area that will eventually see a slowdown in development. On the other hand, the heating market will continue to progress as a result of the promotion of carbon neutrality rules. In particular, there is anticipated to be a significant rise in demand for heat pump heating in the European market during the course of this year.


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