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The difference between ultra-low temperature air energy heat pump and air energy heat pump

The natural environment temperature that is taken into account by the heat pump unit is what differentiates the ultra-low temperature air source heat pump from the standard air source heat pump. The temperature difference between the north and the south of my country is significant, particularly during the winter, because the north-south level in my country is nearly 50 degrees, the cross-level is wide, the majority of the regions are in the north temperate zone, and a small part is in the subtropical zone. The heating capacity of the air energy heat pump generator set is determined by the temperature of the gas that is used as the heat source by the air source heat pump. Temperature application, ultra-low temperature air energy heat pump, appropriate for use in applications with temperatures ranging from 43 degrees below zero to 25 degrees above zero Celsius.

The following are the key differences between standard compressors and enthalpy-increasing compressors used in jet aircraft: In comparison to standard compressors, jet aircraft enthalpy expanding compressors feature an additional air supply port, and the steam produced by the flash evaporator and the economic development device is newly raised from the compressor casing. The qi and blood inlet is introduced into the inner wall of the compressor, which in turn lowers the temperature of the exhaust pipe of the compressor, shortens the length of the liquid phase heat transfer area of the heat exchanger found in the heat pump unit, increases the total area of two-phase heat transfer, and improves the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger. Not only does the system software increase qi and blood, but it also increases the subcooling degree of the refrigerant before the throttle valve. This causes an increase in the amount of heat produced by the refrigerant as it is digested and absorbed in the air conditioner evaporator, which in turn increases the heating capacity of the low-temperature air source heat pump.

At this moment, the application scope of air energy heat pumps has been increased as a direct result of the development of this particular kind of technology that operates at extremely low temperatures. It has already spread to cover 90% of the residential areas of the people in my country, with the exception of a few regions that are home to natural environments that are very harsh. It is accurate to say that it is “powerful in both the north and the south” and that it is “accessible in both the north and the south.”


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