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Why use R32 refrigerant air source heat pump

R32 is a refrigerant that is used in the AOKOL air source heat pump, and this refrigerant is better for the environment than other traditional refrigerants. Next, we will investigate the various advantages that using R32 refrigerant can offer.

F-Gas Regulations compliant
Renewable heating products, such as air source heat pumps, are gaining in popularity. Over the next few months and years, there will be an even greater demand for renewable technologies as the government takes steps to implement its Clean Growth Strategy and reach its goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. Therefore, manufacturers are working hard to develop their products, incorporating design changes to improve the products’ efficiencies and make their renewable heating products as environmentally friendly as they possibly can. One of the main reasons why R32 refrigerant is being used in an increasing number of air to water heat pumps is because of this.

The legislation that comes from the EU, which is still in effect in the UK despite the fact that we have left the EU, is the other factor that has contributed to the rise in the use of R32 refrigerant. With the introduction of a series of targets that are designed to limit the use of gases that have the highest Global Warming Potential, the EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (F-Gas) Regulations of 2014 are a piece of legislation that is intended to phase down the use of hydrofluorocarbons. Specifically, the legislation is designed to limit the use of gases that have the highest Global Warming Potential (GWP). The global warming potential (GWP) is a value that is assigned to greenhouse gases (including HFC refrigerants) that indicates their effect on the atmosphere and contribution to the greenhouse effect. The global warming potential (GWP) of R32 refrigerant is significantly lower than that of other typical heat pump refrigerants, such as R410a; consequently, it satisfies the legislative targets that are currently being set by the F-Gas regulations.

More environmentally friendly
Regarding the Global Warming Potential (GWP), the GWP of the R32 refrigerant is 675, which is 70% lower than the GWP value of the R410a refrigerant. It has a less damaging effect on the environment as a result of lower carbon emissions, and in addition to that, R32 refrigerant has no potential to deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Because of this, R32 refrigerant is friendlier to the environment, and it also contributes to an increase in the long-term viability of the products in which it is used.

Let’s talk about the components that make up this refrigerant now. Because R32 is a refrigerant with only a single component, it does not experience temperature glide. Temperature glide is characteristic of mixtures of refrigerants that contain two or more components; however, because R32 is composed of only a single molecule, the temperatures of its saturated liquid and vapor states are identical. By eliminating the risk of refrigerant slippage, the system can be recharged and recovered more easily.Because of this, the use of R32 refrigerant not only improves the efficiency of the system , but it also means that during operation, less of the refrigerant is required, which further reduces emissions.

High efficiency and low cost
Efficiency gains of a significant magnitude are one of the most important advantages that R32 refrigerant can provide. Because it is able to enable a heat pump to recharge and recycle more effectively than some other refrigerants, it can run at much higher efficiencies than other heat pumps. A heat pump that is more efficient in its operation is better for the environment, uses less energy, and can assist homes in lowering their monthly energy costs.

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