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Why the Current Moment Is Ideal for Making an Investment in an Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps that draw their heat from the surrounding air are among the most energy-effective methods of heating and cooling available on the market today. Because they make use of the air from the surrounding environment to create both heat and cold air, they are an excellent choice for houses that depend heavily on air conditioning during the warm summer months. When it comes to keeping warm throughout the colder months of the year, they are, once again, a wonderful option.

An air source heat pump might be just what you need to help you save money on your energy bills each month if you are in the market for a new heating or cooling system for your home. If this describes your situation, continue reading. In light of this, the following are some reasons why the present moment is the ideal time to make an investment in an air to water heat pump.

Efficient use of energy

Air source heat pumps make advantage of the airflow that is already there in your house to deliver the energy that is required to either heat or cool it in an exceptionally efficient manner. They are available in sizes that are suitable for installation in your house, and because of their high level of efficiency, they may save your energy expenses by as much as fifty percent without affecting the level of comfort provided by your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Heat pumps that are the finest option also have a considerably longer lifespan than standard HVAC systems, which ensures that they are more efficient over the course of their lifetime.

In the meanwhile, heat pumps bring warm air from the exterior of the house into the inside of the house. The energy efficiency of a heat pump that uses air as its supply may vary depending on a number of parameters, including the condensation mode. In most cases, the efficiency of these heat pumps with direct-air systems is superior to that of ground-source heat pumps.

In addition, R32 air source heat pumps are more efficient than gas and electric baseboard heaters in terms of both the amount of energy they use to heat and the amount of energy they require to cool. Not only will you save money on your power bills as a result of this, but you’ll also be reducing your contribution to environmental pollution.

They also save you from having to switch your heater on and off at certain times of the day, which is a practice that may result in excessive energy costs and wasted fuel.

Low maintenance

Heat pumps that get their heat from the surrounding air need very little upkeep. If the piece of equipment has to be cleaned, all that is required is to open the air vent and then to pour some cleaner into it. Depending on how often you use your air conditioner or heat pump, it may be necessary to do this step once every year or so.

A parts and labor warranty is included with the purchase of an AOKOL heat pump. You are free to bring the compressor in to them at any point throughout the duration of the warranty, and they will gladly repair or replace it without asking any questions.

The installation of an R32 EVI air source heat pump does not often need significant remodeling or enhancements to the existing structure of the property in most circumstances. When compared to other methods of heating, the consumption of fuel in an air source heat pump is almost nonexistent. They do not need a sheet metal duct system like a ductless mini-split unit, which may be very costly to install, maintain, and repair. Instead, they use a duct system that is more conventional.

There are no tune-ups, oil changes, or filter replacements required; all that is required of you is to monitor the air temperature, clean the evaporator coil, and replace the filter once a year. It is not necessary to have ductwork built or have a plumber come out to repair your old furnace if you have an air source heat pump since it eliminates those requirements.

It’s a straightforward system that just consists of two components, both of which can be disassembled and cleaned in a manner that’s straightforward and methodical. Some homeowners choose to engage a repairman or a professional to handle the installation of their heat pump for them, while others want to have the heat pump installed by a professional. Although it is not suggested that you attempt to fix your EVI air to water heat pump on your own, it is possible to do so if you have the necessary knowledge.

Maintains air quality

The capacity of an OEM air source heat pump to keep the air quality within a building at a consistent level is the most evident advantage of using such a unit. A heat pump that uses an air source generates heat only when it is required and does not have an electric motor that must be kept running. In most cases, the compressor on an EVI air source heat pump is designed to continue operating even throughout the night or while everyone in your household is asleep.

Because the system constantly recycles outside air into conditioned indoor air, improving the quality of the air within your home may help protect you and the people you care about from dangerous pollutants found inside the home, including as mold, dust mites, and pet dander.

In this manner, it is an excellent answer to your requirements for heating and cooling. It generates heat via the use of flowing air and relies on the process of evaporation to either warm or cool the inside of the house. Because of the consistent shifts in microclimates that occur during the course of a year, an R32 refrigerant heat pump may be configured to meet your needs in terms of comfort regardless of the time of year.

When you use it in the heating mode, it will assist in maintaining a constant temperature throughout your house as well as the surrounding region in the interior environment by lowering the humidity and reducing the amount of germs that may thrive there.

They do this with a minimum of moving components and need no regular maintenance. In addition to this, they have a demonstrated history of low energy consumption and running expenses, they provide a quiet operation, and they are suitable for use in condominiums, hotels, and flats. These devices are designed to provide the utmost level of comfort without the use of the loud ductwork that is often associated with conventional central heating and cooling systems.


Lastly, air source heat pumps provide excellent value for the money. This is without a doubt the most beneficial aspect of these devices.

The installation of a heat pump is not necessary, and they do not need to be serviced or maintained throughout the course of the property’s lifetime, all of which contribute to their relatively low cost. In order to function properly, air to water heat pumps move cold air from the outside via a warm-air return register that is installed above your home. When demand-side auxiliary fans are installed in your house, the cold air from the outside may be heated and circulated throughout the space.

Again, the energy losses that take place during the process of heating and cooling are noticeably lower when compared to the energy losses that take place during the process of space heating and cooling systems that use electric resistance. Although the price of energy is high and is subject to both increases and decreases, air source heat pumps are not affected by price changes.

Because they use less water and have a better energy efficiency rating, EVI heat pumps that get their heat from the surrounding air are less expensive to operate over the long term.


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