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How to maintain low temperature air source heat pump in summer

The advent of hot summer has affected the main cooling performance of the refrigeration generator set to a certain extent. In order to better ensure the normal operation of the chiller in summer, the relevant matters and maintenance methods that should be paid special attention to when the air-cooled chiller is used in the case of extremely extreme working temperature in summer are communicated with each customer and friend.

The actual common problems and maintenance methods are as follows:

1. In order not to harm the actual cooling effect of the chiller, and to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the laser welding machine. Please put the chiller in a clean, natural ventilation and other place with better heat dissipation (it is recommended to put it outdoors and cover it with a shading canopy, and there is no large-scale pyrogen in the indoor space within 2M of the machine and equipment).

2. Please clean the variable frequency low temperature air source heat pump on time, and use a vapor of not less than 0.8Mpa (usually N2) or a soft brush to remove the dust on the radiator of the condenser as much as possible a week. Avoid scraping the fins down) to prevent the high-pressure maintenance of the chiller due to the poor heat removal of the condenser when the machinery and equipment are running for a long time, and the refrigeration compressor does not operate, which affects the heating application of the low-temperature air source heat pump.

3. Please remind customers to clean the water storage tank and change the water in the fish tank frequently. The DC Inverter air to water heat pump brand generally replaces the mineral water once a month, and at the same time cleans the water storage tank (clean and clean with detergent) to ensure the water body of the chiller is clean.

4. In order to better prevent the total flow of the chiller from being abnormal, please remind the customer to change the water filter element in the fish tank frequently. When the milky white filter element is observed to be liver-colored, it should be replaced first, otherwise it will easily cause the chiller to stop flowing, Underflow and total flow alarm, and even lead to filter cup burst.

5. Pay attention to the monthly maintenance of the heat pump water heater, carry out a complete cleaning of the internal pipeline of the machine and equipment every month, and carefully check whether the refrigeration pipeline has oil stains. If there are oil stains, the actual cooling effect of the machine equipment is not good. Please technical professional and technical personnel to check and maintain.


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